What we do

Our aim is to advance the subject of sustainable development in the fashion industry, through sharing best practices and implementing collective intelligence, so that the players operating in Paris make the fashion capital a sustainable fashion capital by 2024. In the field, we organize, on a voluntary basis, task forces to co-create concrete action plans on specific topics. We also develop awareness-raising events.


  • Paris of responsible fashion #1

    Would you like to discover creative brands in Paris? Do you want to access the points of sale, concept stores, multi-brand, or flagship stores of responsible brands? Do you prefer second-hand stores? Are you looking for environmentally friendly dry cleaners? Places for repairs? To recycle? This map will be there to help you.

  • For the rebirth of the French wool industry #2

    Today, in France, only 4% of the wool produced is exploited. How can we reindustrialise this sector to produce enough volume and quality to meet the demand of the fashion industry? Objective: to increase to 24% by 2024.

  • Supporting young brands in sustainability #3

    How to help small and medium-sized fashion companies make the transition to sustainable development. Through training and the sharing of good information, eco-responsible local sourcing, the creation of a materials recycling platform, the identification of eco-responsible packaging solutions, etc.

  • How to make Fashion Events sustainable #4

    From Fashion Week to trade fairs, presentations, pre-sales... creation of a guide and sharing of good practices to improve the environmental and societal impact in order to make these events sustainable.

  • International Mobilization of Designers #5

    Convinced that it is essential to associate creative people, designers and artists to bring the subject of responsible fashion to the Eyes on Talents platform (more than 7000 designers listed via the largest international schools), EOT has launched two competitions in 2019 to mobilize them: the first on sustainable fashion and photography, the second on inclusive design.

  • Animal Welfare #6

    The subject of animal welfare raises important debates in civil society, the media, and institutions. Which way does Responsible Fashion want to take from Paris?

  • Tech for Good #7

    Based on the principle that Tech is a formidable tool for accelerating environmental and social transition, this working group aims to implement the roadmap around essential themes: how tech can contribute to 1 / produce just, to better produce on demand; 2 / anticipate consumer needs and expectations; 3 / help creators to better protect (via the blockchain) their innovations in favor of the environment.

  • Fashion & Regenerative Agriculture #8

    Convinced that it is essential for fashion to rediscover its earthly roots through the promotion of biodiversity and the encouragement of everything that contributes to the safeguarding of our planet, both environmentally and humanly, this workshop is to share experiences and networks to change agricultural practices and to strengthen human links along production chains.

  • Citizen Consultation #9

    Believing that we will only achieve systemic change by involving consumers and all those who love and wear fashion, we want to launch a broad citizen consultation. Drawing on the expertise of civic-tech make.org, we aim to bring out all the good ideas for more responsible fashion. In a collective spirit, we will complete this project by 2021.