Reusable packaging

The growth of e-commerce and consumer awareness about environmental issues naturally raises the challenge of packaging in the fashion industry.

In 2021, following the results of the Citizen Consultation, we have committed to reduce the volume of packaging produced and gradually eliminating single-use plastic. Our work on reusable packaging seeks to remove the barriers in order to accelerate and massively expand its use.


To address the multiple issues associated with the implementation of reusable packages, we set up 4 sub-working groups:

● Logistics: enabling the integration of reusable packages into distribution centers without altering the center's operational productivity.
● Consumer information: educate and motivate consumers to new habits.
● Cost optimization and reduction: work on reducing packaging costs (especially the cost of return) and optimize their distribution
● Collection points: facilitate returns by increasing and optimizing collection points

▶︎ Research phase Winter 2021/2022
▶︎ Test phase planned Spring 2022


• Maïtena Echeverria & André Torossian - Foundation
• Isabelle Desfontaine - Groupe Eram
• Thibaut Lamaury & Chloé Vankeirsbilck - Colissimo
• Damien Pellé & Mélanie Miet - Galeries Lafayette
• Trystan Lerouge & Gloria Davies - Monoprix
• Séverine Imbert - Schiaparelli
• Joséphine Schertz - Gambettes Box
• Caroline Grangie & Martin Auguste Bossut - Le Bon Coin
• Emmanuelle Mercier - La Redoute
• Isabelle Lefort & Laure du Pavillon - Paris Good Fashion