At a time when the concern for the proper treatment of animals is profoundly changing the food and cosmetics sectors, how will it impact fashion?

The subject of animal welfare raises important debates in civil society, the media, and institutions. Which way does Responsible Fashion want to take from Paris?

As brands and companies in the fashion industry, we all have materials of animal origin in our value chain. As such, it seems particularly relevant to establish a working group on the subject of animal welfare to meet the expectations of our stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Thus, the ambition of this working group on animal welfare is to:
Share definitions, commitments, actions and best practices of each stakeholder
Identify potential synergies and opportunities for collective work
Consider bringing a common message from French fashion actors on the subject.

The participants
- Géraldine Vallejo and Yoann Regent (Kering) - Drivers
- Frank Boehly (National Leather Council) - Driver
- Eric Dupont (Chanel)
- Hélène Valade (LVMH)
- Chantal Malingrey (Première Vision)
- Clémence Hulet (Deloitte)