Hangers & Polybags

It is estimated that the fashion industry produces each year more than hundred billion polybags to wrap, protect and transport clothing and around 85 billion of hangers. Our working group aims to provide the best solutions to manage plastic and waste issues related to this topic.

The "Hangers & Polybags" working group was created as a result of the commitments made following our citizen consultation. It aims to create a new collecting channel for the reuse and recycling of plastic hangers and polybags. This project is part of the "Grande Cause pour l’Environnement" project and the Make.org Foundation is helping to organize the fundraising.



We are conducting a study with TriO (specialist in waste management and traceability) and iCare (environmental consulting agency) in order to create a channel for reusing and recycling plastic hangers and polybags.

▶︎ First results expected in January 2022
▶︎ Pilots deployment in spring 2022


• Isabelle Lefort - Paris Good Fashion (co-pilote)
• Maïtena Echeverria - Fondation Make.org (co-pilote)
• Kachen Hong-Zwart - Groupe Etam
• Sophie Bonnier - Kering
• Mélanie Met & Damien Pellé - Galeries Lafayette
• Isabelle Desfontaine - Groupe Eram

With TriO (Charlotte Tanan, Constance Bachoud) et iCare (Rebecca Slattery, Albane Mazoyer)