Regenerative agriculture

Convinced that it is essential for fashion to rediscover its earthly roots through the promotion of biodiversity and the encouragement of everything that contributes to the protection of our planet, both environmentally and humanly, this workshop aims to share experiences to change agricultural practices and to strengthen human links along all the supply-chain.

Convinced that it is essential that fashion regains its earthy roots by promoting biodiversity and encouraging everything that contributes to the protect of our planet, our workshop aims to share best practices in a way to improve agricultural practices along all the supply chain.



▶︎ [Spring 2021] Research work - definition of regenerative agriculture and benchmark of best practices - carried out with the support of Deloitte.

▶︎ [Spring 2021] Code of good practices for regenerative agriculture, conducted by the participants of our working group. Document available below in the "Our work" section.

▶︎ [Fall 2021] Study on regenerative practices of cotton culture by geographical areas, conducted by Océane Amour from AgroParisTech with the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM). Document available below in the "Our work" section.

▶︎ [Next Steps] The WG, continues its work and is moving towards the realization of pilots.



- Thomas Bucaille & Pauline Mattioli - Petit Bateau - (Pilots)
- Isabelle Lefort - Paris Good Fashion
- Lou Deladerriere & Cécile Joucan - LVMH
- Yoann Regent - Kering
- Sarah Benabdallah & Guy Morgan - Chanel
- Solene Remoussenard & Fanny Lange - Deloitte
- Pascal Gautrand - Collectif Tricolor
- Frédéric Lecoq - Lacoste
- Sylvie Benard - LDALL
- Aude Vergne & Christophe Bocquet - Chloé