Tech for good

Based on the principle that technology is a formidable tool for accelerating environmental and social transition, this working group aims to implement a specific roadmap around essential themes.

Our working group is studying how technological innovations can contribute to:

1. Produce just, in order to improve on-demand production
2. Anticipate the needs and expectations of consumers
3. Helping creators to better protect (via blockchain) their sustainable innovations



- Isabelle Lefort - Paris Good Fashion
- Frédéric Maus, Emily Tarac - WSN
- Célia Poncelin - Heuritech
- Alexandre Capelli - LVMH
- Annabelle Villot-Malka - Première Vision
- Christine Driscoll Goulay - Kering
- Clémence Hulet - Deloitte Sustainable Development
- Régis Pennel - L'Exception
- Maeva Bessis - La Caserne
- Sébastien Rouchon - Studio Rouchon