Paris of responsible fashion

Where can I find a creatively responsible fashion brand? Where are the specialist shops? Where can I get my clothes repaired? Where to rent dream clothes? Where can I get information? Where can I get training in sewing? Where can I find second-hand shops? Where can I deposit my clothes in the nearest dumpsters? Where can I find eco-responsible dry cleaners? Can I get advice on how to improve my practices?

Work Methodology

Our objective with this map is to promote to the general public and professionals, the Parisian players in the sector who are committed to more responsible fashion to improve their practices in order to achieve the objective of 100% sustainable fashion by 2024.

Our approach is free of charge and in no way has a commercial purpose. It is for the benefit of all.

Please note. This declaration is binding. The law protects the consumer from misleading statements. We have verified (with a potential visit to the premises) the information that has been communicated to us.

Following a questionnaire, the actors identified were validated by the working group in charge of drawing up the map. Acceptance was confirmed after a vote obtaining a majority of votes on the basis of a minimum of 5 out of 8 commitments recorded and/or sincerely expressed.


• Isabelle Lefort - Pilot
• Andrée-Anne Lemieux - IFM
• Adeline Dargent - Fédération du Prêt-à-Porter
• Sandra Baldini - ReFashion
• Sonia Tarkhani - Galeries Lafayette
• Françoise Seince - Ateliers de Paris
• Sophie Mordelet - Ville de Paris
• Nathalie Fussler - Alliance du Commerce

With the valuable contribution of Antoine Rey du Pavillon

Go Further

• Drop your used clothes, shoes, and accessories in one of the recycling Refashion's skips. Find the skips closest to you, here.

• To take good care of your clothes and limit the impact of washing them, take a look to the COFREET advices (in French).

• For advices and informations on sustainable fashion, check ADEME's handbook Le revers de mon look.

• To care or repair your clothes, here is a list of Parisian seamstress and cobblers: parisian seamstress and cobblers.

• To learn sewing, find a professor here : Superprof.

• To discover parisians craftmans, check the list of "Fabriqué à Paris" certified brands by the city of Paris label Fabriqué à Paris.

The map is intended to be updated as and when your comments and suggestions are received, after validation by the working group. In 2020, it will be limited to the inner city of Paris, but it is intended to be extended to the Greater Paris area as it is published.

Thank you very much for sending us your comments, suggestions, and feedback at the following adress:

The working group was composed of professionals and representatives of the City of Paris, Refashion (ex Eco TLC), the French Fashion Institute, Ateliers de Paris, the Strategic Committee of the Sector, Galeries Lafayette, the Alliance du Commerce, and Paris Good Fashion.