Talents for the future

Education, reconversion, recruitment... How to address the evolution of the fashion sector (sustainable development, reindustrialization) to ensure the matching of professional expertise with the current and future needs of companies.


1 ▶︎ Despite strong CSR momentum in the fashion industry, recruiters and graduates seem to have difficulty matching up. While teams seem to be strengthening on cutting-edge topics (regenerative agriculture, sustainable finance, circular economy, etc.), specialized education in sustainable development has tended instead to train generalist expert profiles. How can we contribute to their mutual encounter?

2 ▶︎ From purchasing to production to communications, sustainable development issues involve all departments. How can we participate in the dissemination of the sustainable development culture within all businesses in order to accelerate the ecological and social transition?

3 ▶︎ Just as French re-industrialization is in full swing, its expansion is hampered by a lack of trained labor. Seamstresses, mechanics... what levers should be activated to make these professions more attractive?

4 ▶︎ At the same time, diversity and inclusion issues are being raised in all companies. While leaders have many ways to address them. What is the reality? And how can we facilitate the integration of these issues in smaller companies?



● Elaboration and distribution of a questionnaire to quantify and qualify the challenges of the labor market in the textile industry

● Inventory of the job market and initiatives undertaken to promote technical and sustainable development professions



• Thomas Bucaille (co-pilote)
• Laure Du Pavillon & Isabelle Lefort (co-pilotes)
• Aurelia Vigouroux - Chargeurs
• Isabelle Durant Richard et Magali Clément - Christian Louboutin
• Clémence Hulet - Deloitte Sustainability France
• Caroline Bouquin - ESMOD
• Adeline Dargent - Fédération Française du Prêt-à-Porter Féminin
• Alice Boisseau - FHCM
• Astrid de Montessus - Floriane de Saint Pierre & Associés
• Andrée-Anne Lemieux - IFM
• Caroline Bottin - Kiabi
• Frédéric Lecoq - Lacoste
• Céline Toledano, Mathias Ohrel & Perrine Jouas - M-O Conseil
• Trystan Lerouge - Monoprix
• Sylvie Benard - Présidente de PGF & La Dame à la Licorne
• Delphine Bellini - Schiaparelli
• Emma Rouan - Tekyn
• Antoinette Fini - Tilli
• Dounia Wone - Vestiaire Collective