Green Store Challenge

Environmental impact of stores is one of the main issues fashion industry has to face. In order to support brands committed in that way, Paris Good Fashion has decided to launch the Green Store Challenge. Co-created with LVMH, this challenge aims to award brands committed to reduce the environmental footprint of their stores and/or offices.


The Paris Good Fashion Green Store Challenge aims to support brands' commitment to improving the environmental performance of their stores.

It is supported by the LVMH group, initiator of the LIFE in Stores Awards, which each year reward the most virtuous and innovative initiatives to improve the environmental performance of the Group's stores with prizes certified by an independent agency.

Open to all members of the association, the Green Store Challenge relies on LVMH's expertise to congratulate the best projects in 6 distinct categories:

▶︎ Department Stores
▶︎ Flagships stores of more than 500 sq.m.
▶︎ Ground floor, street level store of less than 500 sqm
▶︎ Shop in shop
▶︎ Ephemeral podium, or an area in a department store
▶︎ Offices

Each of the 6 categories includes two groups of candidates ("existing" or "projects") for which additional evaluation criteria may be applied depending on whether they have been renovated for more or less than a year.

To ensure the impartiality of the challenge, the diagnosis will be carried out by an external auditor, on the basis of a dozen evaluation criteria (lighting, air conditioning, waste management, etc.) subject to the provision of evidence.


● Definition of the scope of the challenge
● Selection of the evaluation criteria and the auditor
● Development of the rules



▶︎ Wednesday, January 12, 2022: Kick-off
▶︎ February 18, 2022: Rules and evaluation criteria
▶︎ February 2022: Call for applications
▶︎ May 2022: Closing of applications & publication of the list of participants
▶︎ November 2022: Award ceremony



- Nicolas Martin - LVMH (co-pilot)
- Laure du Pavillon & Isabelle Lefort (co-pilot)
- Thibault Boutin - GreenAffair (consultant)