Transparency & Traceability

Following the results of the citizen consultation, we have committed ourselves to promote transparency and sustainable fashion. It was decided to create a transparency and traceability guide to promote these topics to all company departments.


In the scope of the Bali Chair, Belharra has delegated Pantxika Ospital as a PhD student to carry out the "Transparency and Traceability Guide". This guide will be based on 3 examples of typical products (Petit Bateau bodysuit, 1083 jeans, Balmain garment). It will lead to the development of an application for customers that will be presented at the end of this first phase of work.


• Belharra & Chaire Bali, co-pilote
• Patrick Bourg, Pantxika Ospital, Chloe Salmon-legagneur
• Isabelle Lefort - Paris Good Fashion
• Chantal Cabantous - Balmain
• Pauline Mattioli - Petit Bateau