Transparency & Traceability

Following the results of the citizen consultation, we have committed ourselves to promote transparency and sustainable fashion. It was decided to create a transparency and traceability guide to promote these topics to all company departments.


October, 2022 - Traceability is one of the major themes of the BALI Chair, and is at the heart of sustainable fashion issues. In partnership with Paris Good Fashion and under the direction of Belharra Numérique, the Chair delivers a state of the art of traceability and transparency solutions, including:

● A focus and an analysis of the identified solutions
● A review of the technological solutions supporting traceability and transparency
● The definitions of technical terms related to traceability and transparency

Document issued from the ongoing thesis work of Pantxika Ospital and co-authored with Bixente Demarcq, design engineer.

State of the art of traceability and transparency solutions (in French)