The french industry publishes a guide for public buyers #438


To enable public ordering to contribute to the relocation effort while meeting current ecological challenges, the Fashion and Luxury sector committee is publishing a guide for public buyers.

In January 2021, the industry submitted a report entitled “Relocation and Sustainable Fashion” to Barbara Pompili and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, then Minister of Ecological Transition and Minister Delegate in charge of Industry. This report highlighted the importance of public procurement as a lever for competitiveness and relocation.

Public procurement is an important but complex lever, in that its rules are part of a European framework. With a few exceptions, in the context of a public contract, a French public buyer cannot buy a product simply because it is French. However, it is possible to implement certain tools to enable public procurement to contribute to the relocation effort while meeting current ecological challenges.

The players in the sector, coordinated by the National Federation of Manufacturers of Civil and Military Administrative Supplies (FACIM), have therefore produced a guide for public purchasers, which presents 14 concrete, pragmatic and easy-to-implement recommendations. These are simple, standardized and legally founded elements (tables, reference thresholds, verifiable criteria for durability, quality of materials, and service to people, etc.). The objective is to allow public purchasers to assess the real value of the product by weighting the price criterion.