European Linen has a bright global future #206


The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp – CELC has revealed the exciting results of its Flax Barometer 2021. Conducted with the help of the l’Observatoire économique de l’Institut Français de la Mode, this survey measures the attractiveness of the fiber and the general public’s purchasing intentions in the coming months.

The survey was conducted among 6,600 consumers in six countries: France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, plus China and India for the first time. In each country, 1,100 consumers over the age of 18 were surveyed. All of them revealed a particular sensitivity to plant-based fibers in their answers.

Among the main findings of the 2021 survey:

• Despite the global health and economic crisis, forecasts for linen clothing purchases are reassuring. We note, for example, that style remains THE purchasing decision criterion in France. In the UK and Italy, it is price. The quality of the fabric is also a determining factor for Italians.

• In fashion as in furniture, Lin purchases are motivated by the lightness and comfort of the material in France, by its freshness in Italy and China, as well as the style of the models proposed in France, the UK and India.

• More than two thirds of respondents indicate that they will favor natural fibers in their clothing purchases in 2021, as in the home. This is easily explained by the eco-responsible values of linen which intrinsically meet the expectations of today’s consumers (responsible production and traceability).

• 80% of respondents in the UK, 85% in the USA and 89% in France said they were interested in having information on the environmental or social traceability of the product.

Thus, the 6 markets surveyed give strong signals in favor of the oldest of the vegetable fibers. In France, for example, 48.6% of people plan to buy clothes made of linen in 2021. For CELC, this confirms that the linen sector has become an agro-creative industry with a bright and vast global future.


Mode in Textile via the CELC Communiqué