Cisutac: a new circular fashion consortium brings together Inditex, PVH and Euratex #523


The Euratex confederation, Inditex, PVH, Decathlon, Lenzing, Oxfam and ReFashion are among the 27 members of the new Cisutac consortium. Co-founded with the European Union, the consortium aims to identify and eliminate the bottlenecks hindering the circularity of the clothing sector.

The technical, sectoral and socio-economic issues surrounding sustainable fashion will be the subject of initial work between the members in three areas. On the one hand, the repair and disassembly of products, and on the other hand, the questions of sorting between recyclable and reusable products. Not forgetting the question of recycling from fibre to fibre, as well as circular design. These three areas will each be the subject of pilot projects.

In its initial press release, the consortium indicates that the design of semi-automated workstations will be studied, infrastructures and material flows analysed, and the gradual digitisation of sorting operations apprehended. Cisutac also intends to raise awareness among consumers as well as manufacturers of the circularity issues related to clothing.

“As a member of the consortium, Euratex will facilitate the transition to the circular economy, liaise with other projects and initiatives, support the development of training and education materials, including masterclasses and MOOCs, raise awareness of the environmental impact of textiles in Europe, and contribute to policy, standardisation and certification in order to facilitate the transition to the circular economy,” says the new consortium.

Representing the European textile federations in Brussels, Euratex is already leading the Rehubs project, which aims to deploy sorting and recycling centres for end-of-life textiles in Europe. The confederation estimates that this sector could generate 15,000 direct jobs on the Old Continent by 2030 and a turnover of 3.5 to 4.5 billion euros.

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