When capitalism invests in ecological and social values #571


French-American investment fund L Catterton, co-created by the LVMH group in 2016, has announced the creation of a platform, named L Catterton Impact, with the mission of generating positive and measurable social and environmental impact along with financial returns.

The impact investing platform will leverage L Catterton’s extensive resources and capabilities – over $33 billion in equity, 17 offices worldwide, and two hundred investment and operations professionals – to invest in consumer companies whose mission is “to make the economy cleaner, healthier, and more equitable.”
The investment fund will focus on companies that mitigate climate change, reduce waste and conserve nature; eliminate disparities in health, wellness, and nutrition; and create a more inclusive economy by expanding access to the financial system and improving education and workforce development.
“As primarily consumer-driven investors, we have witnessed a demand revolution based on sustainability and impact. This phenomenon is reaching a tipping point, with younger generations leading a structural and long-term shift towards brands rooted in these values,” says Scott Dahnke, global co-CEO of L Catterton. With our distinctive knowledge and operations-focused approach to value creation, we are ready to identify the most attractive investment opportunities and partner with strong companies in advantageous categories to accelerate growth.”
Tehmina Haider and Michael O’Leary appointed to lead L Catterton Impact strategy
Brands and mission-driven businesses are revolutionizing the consumer economy as they increasingly engage consumers and build employee loyalty,” says Haider, previously a lead investor in L Catterton’s growth fund. This launch creates an opportunity to leverage L Catterton’s distinctive ideas and expertise to support this new generation of brands to achieve both outsized growth and a significant positive impact on the planet.
“The future of the consumer sector is increasingly sustainable, inclusive and equitable, and we are building L Catterton Impact to help lead this transformation,” adds Michael O’Leary, co-author of the book ‘Accountable: The Rise of Citizen Capitalism’, which describes the challenges and opportunities of impact investing.
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