The National Leather Council publishes its CSR white paper for 2021 #139


A more ethical and responsible sector focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), this is the commitment made by the Filière Française du Cuir at its first digital press conference in 2021.

The National Leather Council’s position results from the publication of the new edition of the white paper coming from the synthesis work of the Sustainable Leather Forum 2020.

Commitments to ensure full transparency.

Better traceability of hides, waste treatment, reduced environmental impact, harmlessness, territorial anchoring… Consumers demand access to information on the leather products they acquire. In this context, by 2021, defending the “leather” designation will remain one of the main concerns of the French Leather Industry, which is also working to develop measurable criteria so that it can communicate regularly on the progress of the CSR approach.

Co-animator of the think tank on animal welfare within the association Paris Good Fashion, the CNC is participating in the financing of a study on the relationship between the living conditions of farm animals and the quality of the skin.

A white paper to demonstrate its capacity for commitment and innovation in CSR

The commitments made by the sector are based on five main principles: valuing people within the company, managing environmental impacts at all stages of production, the commitment to exercise its duty of care throughout the value chain, the willingness to act to protect and inform consumers, and respect for and proper treatment of farm animals.

These are particularly “relevant” themes according to the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, which offered its patronage to the forum, and participated in the debates through speeches by Alain Griset, Minister Delegate for SMEs and Olivia Grégoire, Secretary of State for Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy.

A third edition for the Sustainable Leather Forum

The National Leather Council is already working on the organization of the new edition of the Sustainable Leather Forum, which will be held in September 2021 at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery.

This forum, which has become a real annual meeting for players in the Leather industry worldwide, from breeding to finished products, will take stock of the Leather Industry’s level of commitment to CSR and will provide concrete examples of the innovations implemented by companies in the industry.

This year, four major themes will be developed during round tables and keynote speeches:

  • Vegan movement and animal welfare
  • Deforestation, carbon footprint and leather life cycle analysis
  • Responsible production & sourcing in the sports and leisure markets
  • Transparency and consumer information