The International Apparel Federation (IAF) publishes its "Priority Issues 2021" #118


In the midst of the pandemic crisis, the International Apparel Federation (IAF) has released its vision for a better apparel industry (measured in terms of people, planet and profits). This “Priority Issues 2021” vision is written and fully supported by the IAF Board of Directors, a group of 23 industry leaders representing industry associations, companies and the wider fashion ecosystem from all continents and covering the entire apparel supply chain.

The IAF’s mission in 2021 to enable and promote stronger, smarter and more sustainable supply chains will focus on:

Contract and equity

IAF believes that the supply chain, to function well, literally and figuratively, needs a new contract. That is why IAF has partnered with the STAR network of industry associations, GIZ, Better Buying and the OECD in a project in which associations representing the majority of global apparel exports will develop their recommendations.

Institutional infrastructure

IAF believes that the apparel industry needs a better global industrial and institutional infrastructure. It is currently too fragmented, not inclusive enough, and many global initiatives do not involve enough industry stakeholders, including manufacturers and small and medium-sized brands.

Education and training

Providing associations with knowledge, training and mentoring can have a significant multiplier effect as they in turn educate their member companies.


IAF believes that the sector needs a dynamic of digitalisation across the board. Education and standardisation are two of the main enabling factors that IAF will focus on.


The industry needs to accelerate its efforts to increase the transparency of its supply chains. The IAF will focus its efforts on strengthening global collaboration between the apparel and textile industries.


Promises to reduce CO2 emissions are important but not sufficient. The costs and benefits of transformation need to be better shared in the supply chain. IAF will work to ensure that the voice of manufacturers is more clearly heard in the global industrial infrastructure being built to reduce the global environmental footprint of clothing.


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