Sustainable fashion meets for a festival in Pantin in October #240


If the first edition was almost cancelled in September 2020 because of the pandemic, the second will make the news.

Initiated by the associative and artistic collective Une Autre Mode Est Possible (UAMEP), founded in 2017, the Festibal des Autres Modes aims to think and build the sustainable city of tomorrow. First, by integrating seventeen sustainable development goals for 2030 presented by the UN, which are based on five major themes: inclusion, agriculture, innovation, urbanization and consumption. Then by developing in synergy food self-sufficiency and clothing autonomy. “Faced with these challenges, fashion and textiles are a cross-cutting lever to weave human links and recreate societal, economic, cultural and artistic value at the territorial level,” explains Lionel Buchman, co-director of the festival with Arielle Levy.

Within the Cité Fertile de Pantin (93), the Festival des Autres Modes will take place inside two halls of 1,500 square meters each and outside. Around five Villages (Agriculture, Inclusion, Innovation, Consumption and Development), many brands, associations, creators will be present.

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