Press box for "a sustainable, responsible and trusted digital world" #292


In an article published in “Le Monde”, the leaders of eleven French digital industry associations identify six issues that the presidential candidates must integrate into their programs in order to build sustainable, reliable and competitive technologies in France and Europe.

Laurence Boone, chief economist of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), recently said it: “Digital and climate are at the heart of everything” (La Croix, October 26). We share this conviction and we adhere to it without reservation. And we want to support it! It is at the heart of the proposals embodied by our collective, Convergences numériques 2022.

Indeed, both the digital transformation of society and the economy and the fight against global warming must be preceded, accompanied and supported by ambitious public policies, carried at the highest level of short-term priorities, but also inscribed in the long term, and legitimized by the ways of democracy.

Clearly, the presidential election is a cardinal opportunity to formulate and develop such proposals, and to put them on the table for democratic debate. Our eleven professional organizations, representative of the national digital ecosystem, will contribute to this debate with their proposals.

The voice of urgency

Readers of this letter should have no doubt about our determination to seize this exceptional opportunity of the 2022 presidential election to make our voice heard, the voice of reason, the voice of the urgency to act, the voice of the general interest, in favor of the technological competitiveness and digital performance of France and Europe.

For several decades now, too many delays have been made, in France and in Europe, due to a lack of vision, a lack of understanding, a lack of courage, or even – and too often! – by simple but guilty procrastination. It is not our intention, during the next presidential campaign, to open new trials of inaction, but rather to urge the candidates to put useful and responsible digital technology at the heart of their project for France and Europe. Indeed, in the face of these challenges, we cannot accept to lose another five precious years.

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