Poll Highlights Expectation to Redefine Fashion Calendars #75


As the autumn edition of the French Days sales operation kicks off on 25 September, a survey on the new fashion calendars underlines the expectation that promotional periods will be supervised.

Concerning private sales and promotional operations outside of sales, 92.1% of survey respondents would like to be supervised. A strong message carried first and foremost by independent retailers, who were the actors who answered the questions the most.

Retailers, buyers, brands, and agents mainly contributed their views and, through their testimonies, underlined the importance of limiting barred prices to restore the value of the product: “I would like all the players in the profession to be subject to the same rules, no more promotions outside the two sales periods, no more black Friday or other, get the customer used to buy things at the right price again”.

Stagger the sales periods by 3 to 4 weeks.

And the other key point emerging from this study is the reiterated expectation that the sales calendar will be redesigned. The first version of the study had been a strong argument for shifting the start date of the last sales period.

For the winter sales period, 83.4% of respondents would like to see the dates shifted. In detail, 49.3% of them opt for a delay of 3 to 4 weeks.

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