McKinsey & Company Releases Report on Value Creation in the Metaverse #443


McKinsey released a report this month titled “Value creation in the metavers”.

The study looks at the emergence of the metaverse, its history and characteristics, but also the drivers of investment, how consumers and businesses will use it, its potential for value creation, and how leaders and states will be able to strategize and forecast their actions in the near term.

“The metaverse is still being defined, literally and figuratively. Yet its ability to unleash the next wave of digital disruption seems increasingly clear, and concrete benefits are already emerging for users and businesses that have embraced it.

As with previous technological developments, such as the emergence of the Internet, followed by social media, mobile and the cloud, adopting innovative strategies is of key importance. The metaverse has the potential to impact everything from employee engagement and customer experience to omnichannel sales and marketing, product innovation and community building. Analyzing the impact of the metaverse should now be part of executives’ strategic discussions.

Of course, many questions remain, including how virtual worlds will balance with the physical world to build a responsible metaverse, or how the metaverse will be a safe environment for consumers and align with an “open” vision of a new internet. There is also the question of how fast the technology will advance to build it.”

The report breaks down into several questions. It first examines the building blocks of the metaverse, the investment flows and what drives them, and then looks at the changing behavior of consumers and businesses, its potential economic impact, and the actions leaders will need to consider to take advantage of it.

➔ To read the full study: Value creation in the metaverse

➔ Source Le Défi