Leather: French industry launches consumer survey #101


The Conseil National du Cuir (CNC) is launching a consumer consultation to better identify their relationship with leather and products from the sector. And above all the importance they attach to production made in France in their purchasing decisions.

Distributed via social networks, the survey aims to identify leather consumers and the most popular types of parts. But the survey very quickly turned towards local production, asking the price that respondents could pay for a shoe or bag 100% produced in France, compared to parts with unspecified origins.

The aim is also to find out what qualities consumers associate with French leather (proximity, know-how, quality guarantee…) and to identify specific expectations regarding tricolor leather (animal welfare standards, superior quality…). Not forgetting the relationship between customers and labels, which can confirm them in their choice of tricolor products.

This survey is all the more noteworthy in that it comes at a time when the leather industry is working hard to make itself more sustainable, in order to meet the new expectations of consumers. Moreover, the consultation is taking place at a time when the French textile-clothing industry intends to draw lessons from the health crisis in order to reinforce its know-how on the national territory, with the renewed support of the executive.

The French leather industry today totals nearly 12,800 companies generating 132,600 jobs and a turnover of 25 billion euros, 12 billion of which are exported. At the world level, France is the fourth largest exporter of leather goods and leather goods, and the third-largest exporter of raw hides and skins.