Industry: a window for transformation investments 4.0 #95


As part of the France Relance plan, Bercy intends to modernize France’s industrial base. To this end, Bercy has just opened a counter dedicated to industrial SMEs and TWAs wishing to benefit from aid for transformation investments “towards the industry of the future”.

Interested companies have until 31 December next to submit their applications to the Services and Payment Agency (ASP), which is piloting this new scheme, which Bercy has announced will be renewed in 2021 and 2022, and adapted in line with changes in the European framework for State aid linked to the health crisis.

“The aid provided by the State enables companies to benefit from cash flow support at the same time as their investment to improve the competitiveness of their production processes,” says the executive. “It concerns an investment in an asset allocated to an industrial activity on French territory”.

The assets concerned by the scheme are robotic or cobotic equipment, additive manufacturing equipment, design, manufacturing, transformation or maintenance software, or machines dedicated to intensive computing. In addition, there are physical sensors collecting production data, production machines with programmable or numerical control, augmented, or virtual reality equipment linked to production, not forgetting software and equipment using artificial intelligence.