IFTH launches the DURHABI study to evaluate the durability of textile products #383


Call for expression of interest – DURHABI project: evaluation, integrating use, of the life span of textile/clothing articles.

The French Institute for Textiles and Clothing (IFTH), the French technological reference center for each company or brand in the sector, wishes to consult brands and manufacturers within the framework of the DURHABI collective study, whose ambition is to develop a mutualized methodology for evaluating the life span of products that integrates usage for the first time, based on the study of the solidity and resistance of products over time according to predefined cycles of use and maintenance.

IFTH is the initiator of the study and has made its laboratories and know-how available for this work. DURHABI intends to rely on an enlarged commission composed of all the brands involved, which will be regularly informed and consulted in order to :

  • Have real and relevant product data on the end of life of products
  • Have samples to submit to the study
  • Relay consumer surveys
  • Validate the proposals of the technical committee

Companies wishing to act for the environmental transition of the sector, and/or wishing to be able to provide consolidated and representative technical arguments of the physical sustainability of their products -to the final consumers or to the organizations in charge of the future environmental display programs-, can from now on indicate their interest directly via this online form to join the “brand committee” of the DURHABI study.

Source and additional information: https://www.ifth.org/

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