Green Friday, a movement sustained more in intentions than in facts #102


Initiated in 2017, Green Friday, an alternative movement to Black Friday to encourage more committed consumption, is celebrating its fourth edition at the end of November against the backdrop of a global pandemic that has exploded online sales and changed consumers’ purchasing priorities. A priori, the Covid crisis should benefit from such an initiative. However, as a new Yougov poll shows, opposing Green Friday to Black Friday still resembles a fight worthy of David against Goliath.

Scheduled for November 27th, the 2020 edition of the famous Black Friday promotional event risks taking a new turn with the confinement. And probably to make the most of e-commerce platforms of all kinds. However, Black Friday, more and more decried for its outrageous consumerism, has been losing some of its lusters for the last few years. Alternative movements to this rain of promos are starting to be talked about. In France, the most famous one is undoubtedly Green Friday.

The question is to know if, in this vintage marked by the pandemic, committed consumption will still be there. In order to take the temperature among French consumers, the website L’Internaute has commissioned a YouGov* poll, the results of which were published on 5 November.