Global Fashion Agenda and BBC Seeking Tales of Sustainability #573


The Global Fashion Agenda is developing a film series about social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry that will be produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.

GAF is a nonprofit that fosters industry collaboration for sustainability to encourage action, improved practices and education. Asos, Bestseller, the Global Fashion Group, the H&M Group, Kering, Nike, PVH Corp., Ralph Lauren Corp. and Target are among the GFA’s strategic partners.

Slated to be released next year via a BBC microsite, members of GFA’s network are being encouraged to tell their stories for the chance to be featured in the series. By using case studies, the series will highlight and humanize some of the issues and factors that are central to the industry such as working conditions for people, sourcing materials and resource stewardship. By taking more of a personal approach to magnify examples of improvement, the series is meant to give viewers a better sense for social and environmental sustainability in fashion and potential solutions underfoot. The hope is also that the problem solvers’ ideas and practices can be adapted by industry leaders to have greater impact.

Such destination viewing is needed, considering that the global consumption of textiles is expected to reach 102 million tons by 2030. Fashion brands have gradually been making strides with sustainability in recent years. In June, the Apparel Impact Institute said Lululemon, H&M Group, H&M Foundation and The Schmidt Family Foundation were the first to commit to the new $250 million Fashion Climate Fund to support decarbonization and modernization of the industry’s supply chain. Another example is Shein’s commitment of $50 million over five years to an EPR fund that will go toward communities that are most impacted by textile waste. However, fast-fashion brands’ efforts to improve the environment, which its global production has contributed, has been noted by activists and consumers alike. Apparel production had doubled between 2000 and 2015.

Those with stories to share for the series can contact BBC StoryWorks’ series developer Lara McNeil to share their interest. Applicants can focus on one of four areas — social impact, materials, stewardship or circularity — and describe how a specific project or initiative lead by their organization or company is contributing to a solution for their subject of choice. GFA’s chief executive officer Federica Marchionni is encouraging “everyone to learn and be part of a needed and possible change.”

Once the stories have been reviewed and the selections have been made, the BBC StoryWorks’ creative teams will work with the chosen organizations to produce a branded piece for the series. Applicants should hear back by Dec. 21.

A multiplatform campaign is being planned to spread the word about the series. In addition to being accessible via a BBC microsite, the series will be shown via GFA and its network.