Circular mode: a call for projects around eco-design and recycling #83


The Ademe (agency for ecological transition) is opening a call for projects until 30 April to support the development of demonstrators of industrial solutions for fashion eco-design and the recycling of textiles and shoes. A project which is notably in line with the Fashion Pact and the recent law against waste.

More broadly, the scheme should contribute to the carbon neutrality objective set for 2050, as well as to the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (PNACC) and the Circular Economy Roadmap (FREC). The machines that the call is expected to bring to light will have the task of doubling France’s capacity to recycle up to 100 kilotonnes per year of clothing textiles, household linen, and footwear (or TLC). This is to lead the sector towards carbon neutrality and the reduction of its footprint on water and biodiversity.

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