Blockchain: Lenzing announces an unprecedented level of traceability #50


Most of the top 100 fashion brands have announced targets for a 100% sustainable fibre target by 2025, but less than 5% of these brands can trace their textile inputs to check the sustainability credentials of fibre producers. This helps explain why the first “key priority for immediate implementation” of the CEO Agenda (from Global Fashion Agenda) is supply chain traceability.

To meet this pressing challenge, three pioneers of sustainable development in the fashion industry – Lenzing, ArmedAngels and Schneider – have joined forces with TextileGenesis ™ to create an unprecedented level of traceability. The fibre-to-retail traceability pilot projects covered 45 garment styles each containing either LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ specialty viscose fibres or AUTHENTICO® organic wool from supply chains spanning six countries.

Using the innovative Fibercoin ™ technology of the TextileGenesis ™ platform, Lenzing, ArmedAngels and Schneider were able to issue digital block “assets” (or tokens) in direct proportion to physical shipments of LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ and Authentico® fibres. These digital tokens provide a unique “fingerprint” and authentication mechanism, preventing tampering and providing a secure digital chain of custody throughout the textile value chain.

“At ARMEDANGELS, we believe that sustainable products start with transparency. But product traceability in the textile supply chain can be a real challenge. Our goal is always to make a difference. To find the best partners, to push the limits together and find solutions! The cooperation with TextileGenesis ™ and the realisation of two successful traceability projects based on the real-time blockchain have shown us that it is not only about sustainability, fraud protection, quantification and accountability, but also about a real return on investment. In addition, the platform provides a truly global language for supply chain tracking,” says Martin Hoefler, CEO and founder of ArmedAngels.