Organized around 4 sub-workshops, the working group aims to provide short, medium, and long term support to creators and small and medium-sized enterprises in demand.

The next steps:
- Open-source dissemination of the ESAT database and of the integration projects with the capacity to carry out small productions
- Organisation of the sale of end of stock fabrics (with the Collectif Coulanges and the Réserve des Arts)
- Availability of the address book of sustainable packaging and office automation solution providers
- Launch of the self-diagnosis and best practice advice tool

The participants:
Nathalie Franson Pavlovsky - NFP
Charlotte Perrier - NFP (driver)
Sylvie Benard - LDALL
Serge Carreira - FHCM
Sylvie Coumau - IFM
Laure du Pavillon - Paris Good Fashion
Damien Pelle - Galeries Lafayette
Alix Morabito - Galeries Lafayette
Adeline Dargent - Syndicat de Paris de la Mode Féminine
Françoise Seince - Les Ateliers de Paris